AT&T Authorized Dealer

AT&T Authorized Reseller

AT&T Authorized Dealer

AT&T Authorized Reseller

CGE is very proud to present their partnership with AT&T as an authorized reseller of the latest fiber optic internet and cell phone services.


What are the benefits of signing up through an authorized reseller over going directly through AT&T?


Customer Experience and Satisfaction

      Let one of our dedicated support team members guide you through the process of getting signed up. Save time by having an experienced individual sign you up for internet with some of the best knowledge of the latest promotional offers. How many people can say they have a dedicated internet and cell phone rep?

Cost & Savings

     AT&T authorized resellers often offer exclusive promotions and discounts that may not be available through direct channels, providing potential cost savings for customers.

Customer VIP Line

     Using us over the general AT&T 1-800 number has its perks. After sign-up, you will receive a dedicated support line to be able to talk to an agent as soon as possible instead of excessively long wait times or talking to a robot. 

Local Expertise

     Not only does CGE offer personalized and flexible services, authorized resellers often have a deep understanding of the local market, enabling them to provide insights and solutions that directly cater to regional needs.  Choosing a authorized reseller may contribute to supporting local businesses and communities.

Quick Installations

     Resellers may offer faster installations times ensuring a swift and efficient setup of AT&T services.

Want to see if AT&T Fiber internet is available in your area yet? Have any questions about signing up for AT&T through CGE? Fill out your information to receive a call back from a dedicated internet support specialist.

Fill out your information for the best results to have a representative reach back out to you.

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