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CGE - Frequently Asked Questions

What Does CGE Stand For?


CGE stands for Capital Group Enterprises.






What is CGE?


CGE is an enterprise group focusing mainly in telecommunications. CGE works to make communications easy for everyone.






What is CGE's relation to AT&T?


CGE works with large telecommunications companies such as AT&T as an authorized reseller of their products.






Why would I go through a reseller over directly through AT&T?


AT&T authorized reseller’s sometimes actually have access to better promo’s, faster/better installation crews and dedicated vip concierge support lines that are better than waiting on hold talking to a robot with AT&T corporate.






How do I sign up for AT&T services through CGE?

CGE can help guide you not only for AT&T but see what other great deals are available in your area for other companies. To get the best deals the best way to get a hold of us is to fill out your information and have a representative reach out.


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How do I get contracted on to sell AT&T?


CGE can help get someone get contracted on to sell AT&T services. Fill out the contact us section for more information.






Does AT&T send people door to door?


CGE is a premium reseller of various telecommunication brands such as AT&T. CGE works to get people access to every internet available with the best promotional offers. CGE believes in creating job opportunity by having a team of professional door to door knockers.





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