What internet is available in St. Louis MO?

What internet Is available in St. Louis Missouri

What Internet is Available in St. Louis Missouri?

St. Louis Missouri - CGE

Mobile hotspots or simply wifi-hotspots emitted through a satellite are becoming a popular alternative for household internet these days. If you work from home, stream, game or require a strong internet connection nothing beats a internet line connected directly to the home.


Today we explore what hard wired internet connections that are available to the surrounding St. Louis area:


AT&T – AT&T or American Telephone & Telegraph since 1885 is one of the United States largest telecommunications company. AT&T is known to have a higher quality service. AT&T offers copper in generally all of the areas of St. Louis. AT&T is working to swap out their internet for fiber optic internet in all cities in various places.


AT&T is known as one of the most reliable internet companies in the United States and has a very large footprint.


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Charter Communications

Charter Spectrum – in 2015 Charter Communications acquired Spectrum. To avoid any confusion we say Charter’s Spectrum. Charter has one of the largest footprints in America. You should have Charter services almost anywhere in the St. Louis Area. 


Most of Charter’s footprint does not have fiber internet. Charter is expanding it’s fiber network through federal and state grant programs which tend to be for rural areas. Charter has a large footprint and it is possible for them to acquire a fiber company with fiber. Charter’s Spectrum  does provide some reliable internet with some of the notoriously greatest offers.   

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